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Service Learning

Education is The Noblest Form of Charity

Service learning combines academic knowledge with beneficial action in the community.

Although poverty and lack of opportunity and education are significant issues in Dhaka and Bangladesh, they offer ISD students real-world scenarios in which to truly make a difference in their society.

Students plan service projects and bring them to fruition, in the process building character, empathy, skills of time management and persistence, and connections to others. Service projects, whether long or short term, contribute to students' holistic development as they share their experiences and knowledge, develop a sense of gratefulness, and learn the value of serving.

By analyzing a situation and asking questions, students identify bona fide needs within the local and wider community before mapping strategies and targets to meet them.

Service learning is embedded in the PYP (Primary Years Programme) curriculum and represented by the Service as Action component in the MYP (Middle Years Programme). In the DP (Diploma Programme), service is one of three threads of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), a core component that counterbalances the demands of the academic programme.

Service learning can be deeply personal. Students develop compassion and experience joy, accomplishment, and satisfaction from helping others in need. Who wouldn't be touched by another's smile?

Service Projects at ISD

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine is an afterschool arts programme that offers local children a creative outlet through painting and drawing. It began as a continuation of a long-established service project called English School.


Amra Achi

Amra Achi, a football (soccer) programme for disadvantaged youth in Dhaka, was established by our High School seniors. Students established this service organization to give children in our community the chance to play football in a student-run league. Coaching and games happen at the ISD field.

Other community partner schools: