Middle School





Welcome to the Middle School

The Middle School comprises Grades 6 through 10 which caters for students between the ages of 11 and 16 years of age. Teaching and learning is based on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) framework .

The MYP builds on the knowledge gained in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and prepares students for the Diploma Programme (DP). Like all IB programmes the MYP is transferable, being recognized by many international schools worldwide. Classes are held in the Secondary building, which boasts a towering ceiling, natural light, dedicated art and design spaces, and a central open area.

The Middle Years Programme

Middle school is  a period of tremendous physical and mental changes. A child’s social, intellectual, and physical needs are constantly changing and a sense of individuality develops.The MYP is designed to meet these needs, providing a broad and balanced programme of learning aimed at the 21st century learner needs. The MYP is designed to be accessible to all learners.

A hallmark of the MYP is its inquiry based and concept driven approach which enables students to inquire into broad and transferable ideas which are embedded in real world contexts. This makes learning meaningful and enables students to link what they learn to real life and the world around them. Thus the MYP,  aims to develop life-long learners who develop knowledge, skills and concepts and a passion for learning.

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The MYP is a holistic programme and values academics as well as a balanced life as embodied in the IB learner profile. In addition to the study of Academic subjects, students engage in learning approaches to learning skills (ATL) that help them to be successful learners who can manage their time, learning, emotions and feelings. They develop a care for the community that they live in, by engaging in various service and action experiences. At MYP Year 5, students work on an individual project called the MYP Personal Project which is the culminating activity of the MYP and is a requirement to complete the entire five year programme.

Students study eight subject groups:

- Language and Literature (English & Bengali)
- Language Acquisition (French, English, Bengali)
- Individuals and Societies
- Sciences
- Mathematics
- Arts
- Design
- Physical and Health Education

Students are encouraged to study languages and study a language and literature course and a language acquisition course. Placement is based on proficiency. Students who are proficient in both Bengali and English can opt to study two language and literature courses.

Students in Grades 6 through 8 study Visual Arts and choose an additional Performing Arts subject. In Grade 9 and 10, students make a choice of one Arts subject from among Visual Arts, Music and Drama.

At Grade 9 and 10 students are placed in either standard or extended Mathematics based on their progress in the subject.

Service as Action in the MYP

Service as action requires students to contribute their time and skills by taking action to serve the community. The MYP encourages students to meaningfully engage with service as action and reflect on their experience. The school offers a variety of options to engage with service which broadly fall into the following categories:

-Service and action through the curriculum via the units taught
- Individual or group service projects initiated and run by students
-Whole school service days

MYP Personal Project

The culminating experience for students in the MYP is the Personal Project, a self-directed individual project lasting approximately 8 months, in the final year of the MYP.

The Project is driven by each student's passions and interests whether it be coding a website, shooting a documentary film on social injustices or planning a cookery class. Students establish a challenging goal which they work towards with the guidance of an individually assigned  teacher supervisor. At the end of the project, students showcase their final products and outcomes and their learning journey through an exhibition that is open to the wider community. All personal projects are externally moderated by the IB and a certificate is issued for the completion of the project.