Currently, ISD has a student-initiated committee which aims to conduct environmentally friendly practices called “The Greenies”.

“The Greenies”

Inspired by the transdisciplinary project held by the Middle Years Program (MYP) students called “Green Up ISD”, under the leadership of Chris Hesse, “The Greenies” took birth. The Greenies has been composed of mostly students from Class of 2013 but students from other Grades are welcome to partake as well. Since September 2011, the group has been involved in raising awareness about numerous issues, specifically the Rose Awareness campaign during the ISD Annual PTA Fair. Additionally, the group has also been involved in creating a sustainable garden filled with different vegetables, the “Light my Fire” project and also establishing composting here at ISD. Although the group is in its infant period, there are big plans with Bangladesh’s first National Earth Olympiad taking place in September 2012, under the leadership of the group’s chief advisor Nafis Jalil. The Greenies hope to branch out to more areas in the upcoming year and also expand its project base and members.