Service at International School Dhaka:
Service and learning the process and skills for service is a critical element of our programme at International School Dhaka. Research shows that service project planning and subsequent action builds character and lends itself to the holistic development of learners by increasing academic rigour and building empathy.

The Service Learning Programme model at International School Dhaka foundations stem from our Mission and Values which are also reflected in the IB Mission Statement and Learner Profile. This supports the next layer of our founding principles for learning service; sustainability, collaboration, accountability, responsible action, leadership, empathy achieved through authentic experiential learning based community partnerships. The model uses the essential elements of service learning from Cathy Berger Kaye’s; ‘Five Stages of Service Learning’ and addresses multiple approaches to learning through active teaching and/ or project based elements.

LEARNING SERVICE: At the very core of our Service Learning Programme model is the Learning Service course. This course develops students conceptual understandings and skills to independently undertake the 5 Stages of Service Learning (Berger-Kaye). Students develop the skills required to engage in a service process whilst embedding their learning and service in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a global connection to our local action. This is a timetabled block in our 8 day cycle and is facilitated by teacher mentors.

Here are some students highlighting their learning from the course:

SERVICE ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: Empowering students to engage in service as a reason for their learning across the curriculum builds greater application and academic rigour and gives deeper meaning to learning and skills development.

Here is what a student in Grade 9 Design class building a educational toy for a local school had to say about his work:

“I persevered because I knew that my clients came from an underprivileged environment and disappointing them would not be acceptable as they already have so little. Giving them false hope would be horrible as we sat down and came up with a toy with them and if we didn’t deliver they’d be very upset.”

SERVICE ENGAGEMENT: Expeditions can greatly contribute towards building strength of character. ‘ .. it is necessary for a youth to experience events which 'reveal the inner worth of the man; the edge of his temper; the fibre of his stuff; the quality of his resistance; the secret truth of his pretences, not only to himself but others. (Kurt Hahn)

To this end our Week Without Walls expeditions give a unique experience to our students from villages of Om Goi in Chiang Mai all the way to the heights of Ladak, India.

Here are some experiences our students have been part of:

In addition, locally based experiences are facilitated by student servirprenuers and passionate teachers. Work with local community schools as an after school activity and with Habitat for Humanity are examples of such experiences.

STUDENT LED SUSTAINABLE SERVICE PROJECTS: At International School Dhaka our Servipreneurs are our pride and joy and the culmination of our Service Learning Programme. They are students who have developed the understandings and skills to be able to independently plan and implement sustainable service projects and leave legacies behind for other students to follow.

Servirpreneurs© are defined as social entrepreneurs who engage in social analysis, high-level thinking to identify meaningful societal needs, the development of innovative responses or innovations to address a societal need, and the implementation of the innovation through servant leadership.

Servirpreneurs navigate hurdles, demonstrate resilience, apply risk mitigation strategies and are reflective of their impact on society.

Origin: Old French Servir = to serve; (Entre)preneur = are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors

© Kim Sharee Green, 2017

Enjoy hearing the stories of our Servirpreneurs