Reuniting the Alumni

Reuniting the Alumni-2014

ISD is celebrating its 15 year anniversary in 2014 and as part of our anniversary celebrations, we are officially launching our very own ISD Alumni association. Over the last few years we have been organizing Alumni dinners, offering ISD Graduates an opportunity to socialise with their ISD friends and share their stories on life after ISD in different locations around the world. Thus far we have hosted dinners in Toronto, Vancouver, Boston and Hong Kong. These events have been very successful and it’s always a pleasure discovering how well our ISD graduates are doing at University.

A number of our Alumni have already joined the work force and a few have even taken over their family businesses. We do not want our graduate’s journey with ISD to end, we want the stories of our alumni to go on… for this very reason we will be establishing Alumni Association Chapters in various cities around the globe where our graduates are found.

The aim of our Alumni Association and its Chapters will be to establish connections between recent graduates and Alumni who have volunteered to give career coaching, mentorship and knowledge sharing. This may include providing information about a specific occupation, field of employment or industry, offering tips on entering the job market or even relocating to a specific city. Mentors share their own experience and knowledge and could offer connections in the working world.

We invite all ex students who have spent a minimum of 3 years at ISD to become members by registering here. We would be more than happy to receive your suggestions, ideas or just anything that you would like to share with us on the Alumni web pages. Remember it’s your platform for all of us to be connected wherever we are in the world.