Community Activities

The Kajol Project was initiated by Kate Grant, a former PYP Coordinator at ISD. Over the years the project has evolved, however the mission has remained the same: students helping students. The KAJOL project helps students take learning into action. ISD students welcome a group of forty disadvantaged youth from the local area into our school each week, in two groups of twenty. The project has grown in recent years from twenty to forty students who are supported in many ways.

The students live in the local village area, close to ISD behind the Apollo Hospital. The project is administered by a Community and Service Project Leader at ISD in conjunction with a team of teachers, both local and international.

Donating to Kajol Project

Donations of any size are always welcome and warmly appreciated. If you feel able to contribute in any way, please contact us at ISD on:

Phone: (+88 02) 8401101-7, 8402878


CRP is situated in Savaar and is working to raise disability awareness and educate people about how disabilities occur and ways to prevent them.

ISD students attempt to assist in the therapy and the integration of disabled children by working with them individually in our school pool and raising funds throughout the year. The interaction has proven beneficial for both ISD students, who learn how to interact and assist children with a variety of special needs, and for the CRP children who get to experience our facilities and develop relationships with our students.

Solmaid Community School is a project initiated by a group of local Bangladeshi teachers with the support of three experienced expatriate teachers from ISD. This is to be a low cost private school run by Bangladeshi teachers of the Solmaid Community for the marginalized children of Bangladesh, often referred to as “street children”.

The programme is delivered in both English and Bengali. The school will provide education to the child in a holistic nature; socially, emotionally and academically.

Donations of any size are always welcome and warmly appreciated.

If you feel able to contribute in any way please contact us at:


You can visit our website:

In our country, where approximately 60% of public school teachers have never received any formal training, ISD’s 3T programme has filled a very important need for a group of 100 local teachers, drawn from fifteen local schools.  The philosophy behind 3T is based on the sharing of best practices in teaching.  Lead by a team of fifteen ISD teachers, we conduct five full day workshop programmes each year.  With sponsorship from Dhaka North Rotary Club, participants receive free transport, meals and materials that they can use in their own classrooms. To ensure the sustainability of the programme, local teachers have been progressively trained to conduct their own workshops.  A series of five, Train the Trainer sessions are also conducted each year and this is resulting in more responsibility in maintaining the programme being handed back to the local teachers.  During 2012, we have trained a team of eight regular workshop leaders from our local schools and they are leading the way for their colleagues.  Workshops are offered in leadership, computer use, language, mathematics and a variety of other practical teaching strategies.
Each year this programme grows. We believe, currently 3500 students in local schools are benefitting from the learning their teachers are involved in.