Performing Arts

There are many opportunities for students across ISD to take part in Performing Arts activities. We have an extensive extra-curricular programme which includes theater productions, wind band, a dance ensemble and a range of concerts and events throughout the year.

Rayna and Faizah performing Xylophone Duet at Assembly

The Music department runs several regular performance groups, and students are given the opportunity to learn a range of musical instruments in school. We have a long tradition of offering piano lessons to a large number of students, but have recently also been able to offer tuition on brass and wind instruments through the band programme. Students are given plenty of opportunities to perform in front of an audience in assemblies, concerts and annual events such as the SRC barbeque and the Battle of the Bands.


Dance is an excellent opportunity for artistic expression and ISD runs several extra-curricular dance activities. Regular events such as UN Night and the “Step it Up” dance production give students a space to dance and choreograph performances alongside their peers and teachers.


The Drama department puts on several major productions every year, where students have opportunities to participate as actors, costume designers, lighting technicians and directors. We also invite theater companies to perform regularly at the school, and there are opportunities to participate in workshops and see professional performances.