Co-Curricular Programme (CCP)

The Co-Curricular Programme (CCP) begins mainly at the end of the school day, with the exception of a few that take place during lunchtime. It operates from Sunday to Thursday for Secondary School and from Tuesday to Thursday for Primary School. It is a programme that is run by ISD staff and offers a wide variety of activities.

We operate five categories of CCP: Indoor Games, Arts, Language and Mathematical, Sports and Social. Based on these categories we have 24 CCPs at Primary School and 20 CCPs at Secondary School. These range from sports, craft activities, recreations, community service and academic support. It is an optional programme, but over 75% of students take part.

Broken into three ten week blocks, students have three opportunities to choose differently each term. An excellent foil to the rigours of the academic day CCP allows students to improve their fitness, meet new people and see their teachers in a different light!