Pathway 3 - ISD High School Diploma and IB Diploma

In addition to the ISD High School DIploma students may be eligible as a candidate for the full IB Diploma. The IB Diploma is an external qualification that offers our students additional post-secondary options around the world.

The IB Diploma is recognised as being equivalent to many national and state system qualifications. There are IB World Schools in nearly 150 countries throughout the world, and students send exam results to higher education institutions in nearly 90 countries annually.

Successful completion of this pathway offers additional post-secondary options including:

  • 4 year undergraduate programmes
  • 4 year undergraduate degree programmes in the United States and Canada
  • 3 year undergraduate degree programmes in the UK; within several European countries including the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland; and Australia
  • 3-4 year undergraduate degree programs throughout Asia including opportunities in China and Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

This Diploma is accredited by the International Baccalaureate The IB Diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete

  • three Higher Level subjects and gain 12 points or more from their HL subjects in the external examinations,
  • three Standard Level subjects,
  • An Extended Essay,
  • Theory of Knowledge course,
  • Meet the IB expectations for Creativity, Activity and Service.

To be eligible to participate in the external examinations students must

  • have at least 90% school attendance, and
  • demonstrate the qualities outlined in the IB Learner Profile through their approaches to learning.

Given the wide diversity of local education systems it can be difficult to understand how the IB is recognized in various parts of the world. To learn more on IB recognition information at the national level, read about the IB by country. Higher education institutions around the world admit students based on their IB credentials, and many have specific admissions policies and guidelines for IB students. Admissions criteria can vary widely across educational systems and selectivity of the institution. For more information on how the IB Diploma is recognised globally visit Recognition of IB Programmes