ISD is a testing centre for the SAT. The test takes place six times per year. If you are registered at ISD, ensure that you arrive at the school by 7.15am. You should bring a snack and a drink.

It is important that candidates remember to bring the following:


Admission Ticket, with a clear, good-quality photo of the test-taker (both eyes should be visible and you should not wear sunglasses or a hat);


Photo ID (a valid, unexpired and original ID (not a photocopy), issued by school or government. This could include a student ID, driving licence or passport. All information must be in English. The ID must bear the test-taker’s full, legal name which should match the Admission Ticket exactly. The photo must be recent and be similar to that on the Admission Ticket).


Two No. 2 pencils, a soft eraser and a pencil sharpener (mechanical pencils are not permitted).


An Acceptable Calculator (graphing, Four-function or scientific) and spare batteries


A spare calculator (if you have one)

For further information, or to register for the SAT, please go to