Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The Primary Years Programme focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. This programme is offered at ISD in a safe, caring environment in which students are engaged with relevant, challenging and age appropriate activities through the medium of English language. ISD recognizes that children are natural inquirers and that they experiment and explore so as to make sense of the world around them. The Primary Years Programme encourages children to play, explore, experiment, wonder, inquire, practise, invent, create and imagine. It’s a world where they are actively engaged and involved fully as learners with a hands-on approach to all learning experiences which will lead children to become life-long learners.

Learning to communicate, play creatively, interact and care for others is crucial to the students’ participation in the programme and to their social development; it is given high priority in our classrooms. Children spend the majority of their day with a homeroom teacher, teaching assistant and childcare assistant. From Nursery and Pre-K, students benefit from specialist teaching in music, physical education and information technology. From KG onwards Visual arts and Bangla are added to the subjects.

The curriculum provides students with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, conceptual understanding of different subject areas as well as nurturing the attributes of “Learner Profile and Attitudes”, on which to build and fully prepare them to implement their learning in real life situations and to create a better world to live in.