ISD in the Community

Hillary Clinton enthusiastically answered questions raised by eager youngsters in the ISD theatre during her visit to Bangladesh in 2012. Her vision for Bangladesh’s emergence as a strong developing economy left the future leaders of this country with promises of opportunities coming their way. When asked how she overcame the obstacles as a woman to become one of the most influential women in the world today, she emphasized the importance of a good education and the support of her parents!

“Tasher Desh” is one of Rabindranath Tagore’s famous dance operas, a unique genre he developed which was inspired by the Western Opera. It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is a satire on the rigidity of the class systems of the British Raj and India. Tagore wrote the script and composed the melodies of the piece which was first performed in Kolkata in 1923.

Shadhona, a Centre for Advancement of South Asian Dance & Music, staged the performance in ISD in November, 2011.


Through several initiatives, JAAGO reaches out to the youth of Bangladesh to involve them in extending educational facilities to those who are underprivileged. Universal Children’s Day (UCD) is an initiative through which students of many schools, including ISD, partake in raising funds for street children, by selling flowers on the roads of Dhaka. The children are treated to a day of fun which is conducted through volunteering by the students as well. ISD has an ongoing affiliation with JAAGO and their remarkable work.

The Weekend School was initiated by an ISD Graduate, Adeeb Tawsif. Every Saturday, children from JAAGO and currently the School of Hope come and enjoy the ISD facilities. They swim, play music and sports with ISD students, who volunteer their time happily for the day.

Staff Cultural NightThe Staff Cultural Night is organized by the Sunshine Committee, a group of dedicated members who continually work to provide benefits for the members of staff. At this event, teachers and other members of staff display musical performances, dance, skits and the like to entertain the ISD community. The cultural night is organized mainly for the support staff, whose work lies at the very foundation of ISD. The performances are followed by dinner.

ISD Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays an integral role in the ISD community. It organizes several events and carries out other fund-raising activities.

PTA Fair

One of the biggest events for the ISD community is the PTA Fair, which takes place in December, right before school closes. Stalls range from NGOs to boutiques, food and countless others. There are live musical performances by ISD’s house band, a fashion show and a raffle prize distribution. The fair is open to all, including the general public and is a fun-filled day to enjoy with family and friends.

PTA Iftar

In the holy month of Ramadan, the PTA organizes an Iftar evening for members of the ISD community. It is a great initiative and an opportunity for the overseas staff to experience something new.

Guest speakers come to events like UN Week and career days.